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Liaoyang Customs visits LNSS after its establishment

Liaoyang Customs visits LNSS after its establishment

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March 21st Liaoyang, http://www.cnrmz.com.cn (Reporter: Xu Zhiqiang, Correspondent: Liu Haihong). On the morning, March 19, the Liaoyang Customs of the People's Republic of China was formally established. Wang Yibing, the deputy secretary of CPC Liaoyang Municipal Committee and Mayor, Han Gang, CPC Shenyang Customs Working Tam member, the deputy Customs Commissioner and other officers attended the unveiling ceremony.
"Liaoyang Customs is officially unveiled, marking the Liaoyang Customs has entered a new era and a milestone for the Liaoyang region's foreign trade & economic development", Chen Wei, the Customs Commissioner of Liaoyang City, said. 
It is reported, Liaoyang Customs is attached to Shenyang Customs. As a new customs, Liaoyang Customs will increase the responsibilities of health quarantine, animal and plant quarantine, commodity inspection, import and export food safety supervision and other aspects in promoting trade facilitation on the basis of the original safety access (or exit) and tax collection and management risk prevention and control. Inspection and quarantine operations will be fully integrated into the new Customs, thereby reducing customs clearance costs and improving customs clearance efficiency.
Since its establishment, Liaoyang Customs has immediately started its performance and conducted in-depth corporate research. On the afternoon of the same day, Chen Wei, the Customs Commissioner, led its team members to LNSS for in-depth visit. Chen Wei said that this visit aimed to understand the actual situation of the industrial development of LNSS and help the Enterprise solve practical problems. 
LNSS is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design, manufacture and sales of shield machine and TBM. In recent years, the overseas business of LNSS has developed rapidly. It is urgent to provide guidance and assistance from the local customs department. At the symposium, Chen Wei, the Customs Commissioner, worked on-site, mainly deploying and implementing issues such as the promotion of advanced certification enterprises.
The customs staff had a detailed understanding of the problems and questions proposed by the LNSS, and gave a number of rational suggestions.
Liu Yanzhen, the deputy general manager of LNSS, said that Liaoyang Customs truly served the enterprises and supported the local economic development.
Editor: Hong Tao
Unveiling Ceremony
On-site Research and Guidance
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